The Feast of San Lorenzo and the Companion Martyrs

On the 500th year of Christianity in the Philipines, we at St. Patrick’s were so excited to partake in the celebration of the first Filipino Saint. On September 28th, the students shared in a special Mass and procession put on by our very own Filipino club. Join us in praying for the continued spread of Christianity in the world and asking for the continued intercession of San Lorenzo and his companions. May we live and die with Christ as they did. San Lorenzo, pray for us.

Who was San Lorenzo?

San Lorenzo, a Filipino child, born in 1600  was a man who came to give everything for the Lord. In 1636, San Lorenzo was falsely accused of murder by two Spaniards. Fearful for his life he fleed his home country by joining a ship of Dominican Priest and laymen. However, this ship was not just headed to missionary work, it was headed to Japan, to evangelize in a country that was killing Christians at the time. Instead of fleeing San Lorenzo remained with the crew and landed in Okinawa, Japan. After being captured by the Japenese Army, San Lorenzo and his companion Catholics were given the option to renounce their faith and apostasy. In a moment of great faith and trust in the Lord, San Lorenzo and his Companions gave their lives, choosing Jesus over life itself. In 1981 John Paul the second Canonized San Lorenzo and his Companion Martyrs. He is the first Filipino Saint and one celebrated by the Philippines, and all over the world. On the 500th year of Christianity in the Philipines let us join in celebrating this man's great faith. 

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